MoFo #4: Source

After attending VegFest and heading to Rainbow for some shopping, we stopped at Source for dinner before heading back home. I’ve been meaning to try this place for the longest time. I don’t often work at my company’s SF location, but this restaurant is pretty much right around the corner from that office! That alone should give me reason to make the trip more often.

Anyway, Source is an all-vegetarian restaurant with quite an extensive menu. A lot of things have cheese, but we were assured any menu item could be made vegan – they just sub out the dairy cheese for a homemade cashew cheese.

Instead of referring to veggie chicken and steak and what-not, Source uses the sounds these animals make. A hot dog is a “bow-wow,” beef is called “moo,” chicken is called “cluck”…you get the picture. It’s a little irksome when you are reading the menu, but it’s not a huge deal. Maybe I’m just a curmudgeon. I was craving a sandwich, so I ordered a vegan “Philly cheese moo” (a Philly cheese steak). The cashew cheese was pretty tasty. It had a queso kind of a thing going on.

All of their sandwiches come with fries and ketchup. The fries were okay. At first I didn’t like the ketchup (it’s clearly house-made from tomato paste…in fact all I could taste was tomato paste) but it grew on me. Personally I would have rather had a small salad with my sandwich, but whatever. I get that fries are a lot cheaper for them to serve.

Autumn and Kathy both ordered the Bahn-mi pita, which also sounded delicious.

I wish I had snapped a picture of their dessert case. All of the desserts are vegan and they all looked AMAZING. I ended up getting two things to go: a chocolate snowball with peanut butter icing for me, and a chocolate chip cookie cream sandwich thing for the husband. Somehow they both disappeared before I could get a picture. Funny how that happens.

Once I’m fully mobile again I need to make an effort to get to the SF office more so I can hit up Source for lunch and try more of their menu items!

And thus concludes my series of posts about an awesome vegan adventure to the city. Back to our regular programming tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “MoFo #4: Source

  1. Mandee says:

    Source looks like a great place to eat & I love that they make their own cashew cheese, now I want to try making a Philly Cheeze Moo/Steak

  2. I agree with everything you wrote! Ix-nay on the animal sound named and thumbs up for salad over fries! it was still good though! I have a pic of the cookie sandwich. I’ll post it when I find it!

  3. Jojo says:

    Those both look great but I think I’d definitely be ordering that cheesesteak & fries.

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