MoFo #13: How to Cook Brown Rice

I confess it took me quite awhile to switch to brown rice. Try as I might, it just always turned out gummy and gross. Even though I knew brown was a healthier choice than white, I just couldn’t get the hang of cooking it properly. I figured that was just the way brown rice is and kept on eating white basmati as my rice of choice.

Then I read an article about a different cooking method. I wish I could remember where the article originated, but nonetheless I am sharing this method with you. It involves cooking the rice like pasta, which results in each rice grain being perfectly separated and not gummy at all.

Bring a big pot of water to a boil. You want way more water than the rice can possibly absorb. When the water is at a rolling boil, add the rice. I had to take the pot to the window to get a picture (hence why its not boiling in the picture):

Cover and simmer for 45 minutes. When the cooking time is up, strain the rice like you would pasta.

Give the rice a quick rinse under the tap, and then return to the pot and cover and let sit for 10 minutes (note: the pot should NOT be on a hot burner!). When the 10 minutes is up open the lid and fluff with a fork. Voila, perfectly cooked brown rice!

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4 thoughts on “MoFo #13: How to Cook Brown Rice

  1. Kimberly says:

    That is absolutely brilliant! I may become a brown rice convert after all if I can get this method to work.

  2. This is how I cook my rice too! It’s changed my life. Seriously.

    I think I got the recipe from a PPK thread! I learn so many wonderful tricks from the PPK.

  3. Weird, I’ve never heard of cooking it this way before, I’m gonna have to try it!
    BTW I’ve given you a Liebster Award! Check it out at

  4. Mandee says:

    This looks like a great method, it’s so easy to turn brown rice into a gluggy mess.

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