MoFo #21: Lord Krishna’s Cuisine

I tend to go through different phases in my cooking. For a month I was all about Japanese cuisine. For about six months, I was cooking Mexican every night. Lately my ‘thing’ has been Indian cuisine. Sure, I’ve always loved Indian food. As a vegan, I think it’s almost a requirement that you love legumes, and what better way to eat legumes than in delicious curries and dahls. But lately I’ve  been wanting to learn more about the cuisine and I wanted an authentic book that went beyond recipes and gave me more of an in-depth look at the culture this delicious food stems from.

I live pretty close to an awesome used book store. My husband likes to go there about once a month to look for novels. While he heads right for the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section, I make a beeline for the cookbook section. Typically I thumb through the different books but I rarely buy anything. I’m a cheapskate and I have way too many cookbooks as it is. If there’s something I really need/want I usually get it through the public library (if they have a copy). However, last time I was at the bookstore I stumbled across this large book from 1987:

Lord Krishna’s Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking is a really, really large Vedic cuisine cookbook. I am totally in love with it! Reading through all of the stories and recipes as well as going through the glossary of techniques and ingredients was fascinating to me. The author, Yamuni Devi, was a personal chef for a spiritual leader and as such, traveled with him around India learning different dishes from all over the country.

This was the first meal I made from the book…included on this plate is chole,brown basmati rice, whole wheat chapati, pureed broccoli and spinach, and spicy cauliflower with tomatoes (sorry for the crummy picture).

As this is a Vedic cookbook, you won’t find any onions and/or garlic. At first this worried me, as garlic and onions tend to find their way into almost EVERYTHING I make…but the flavour of the dishes is still amazing! I honestly didn’t miss the onion nor the garlic, which is pretty shocking to me.

I haven’t had a chance to make much else yet, I’m still working my way through this humongous book, but rest assured I will be posting more info and pictures soon! The best part of this book is her recipe introductions explaining the history of the dish and any stories she has about learning to make it.There are definitely some favourite dishes of mine in the book (I’m looking at you, chole), but there are so many things that are brand new to me. I definitely need to make a trip the local Indian grocer to pick up some ingredients.

What are your favourite Indian dishes?

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5 thoughts on “MoFo #21: Lord Krishna’s Cuisine

  1. celyn says:

    I love this cookbook! Everything I’ve made from it is delicious.

  2. Sarah says:

    I love the stories that go along with recipes. I think they should be requirements of cookbooks.

  3. Mandee says:

    I don’t cook a lot of Indian but I bet you are going to make some amazing meals from this book

  4. […] recently posted about my latest used bookstore cookbook find – Lord Krishna’s Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking. A lot of the recipes in this book are pretty time-consuming and call for grinding your own spices […]

  5. Mo says:

    That is pretty much my dream plate of food!

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