MoFo #24: My first soy curl experience

On a recent trip to Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco, I finally got my paws on some Butler Soy Curls! For years I have read on the internet how glorious these things were, but I was too cheap to pay for shipping and I couldn’t find them locally. My two prized bags of curls sat in my pantry for awhile, as I thought about what my first soy curl experience should be.


The answer was obvious – smoky soy curls from Julie Hasson’s new book: Vegan Diner. It’s a fairly simple recipe, and is meant to be Julie’s take on bacon. She suggests using them in a BLT sandwich, but since I was out of lettuce AND tomato, I simply put them on a toasted hot dog bun with a bit of Daiya cheese:

Yum! Soy curls definitely live up to all of the hype! I can’t wait to try the aforementioned BLT. And next time I’m in the city I will need to make a special trip to stock up on more curls!

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7 thoughts on “MoFo #24: My first soy curl experience

  1. veganlinda says:

    Thanks for the link for tomatillo recipes. I have to try soy curls sometime. I will probably be the last vegan on the planet to try them, but I think I’m finally convinced.

  2. I had the Smoky Soy Curls from Vegan Diner today too! I love how quickly and easily they come together. The texture and taste are great for a sandwich or even just popping straight into the mouth as a snack.

  3. Laura says:

    Looks so good. I don’t think you can get soy curls in the UK. I showed you some love on my blog today 🙂

  4. That looks goooood. I wish I could get soy curls here, it’s been too long since I’ve had them. I think another PPK swap is in order.

  5. Mandee says:

    I keep reading about these and wish I’d been able to try them years ago, I don’t even think they’re available here.

  6. Amanda says:

    They have soy curls at Rainbow now?! Oh, that is wonderful news. Thanks for the update.

  7. Oh, and I would totally be up for doing a swap…not sure if there’s anything you’d be missing from Canada?

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