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Belated PPK Thanksgiving Potluck

Although my ‘real’ Thanksgiving was pretty mellow, a group of us PPKers wanted to get together the week after to have a totally kick-butt vegan Thanksgiving potluck. The lovely Amey of Vegan Eats & Treats! hosted us down in Santa Cruz.

There was a pretty decent spread, including a seitan roulade made by Amey, based on a recipe from the PPK (Amey changed up the stuffing though and used kabocha squash – my favourite squash!).

There were TWO kinds of brussel sprouts! This dish with hazelnuts made by Autumn and another one with garlic made by Kathy. Both were super good!

Autumn also made stuffed mushrooms, using this Chef Cloe recipe:

And of course, the ubiqutious cranberry sauce, also made by Autumn:

I made some rolls, using the recipe from the I-40 Kitchen:

Another savory dish was the butternut squash lasagna from Yellow Rose Recipes. But I’m an idiot and I was so busy snapping photos of the other dishes, I forgot to take a picture of my own! Oh well. Trust me, it was good and it lives up to the internet hype.

Now on to desserts! Amey made the most AMAZING truffles ever!! She used this recipe from Hannah Kaminsky. You have to make these NOW.

Nikki, aka Cold&Sleepy from coldandsleepy cooks brought a really yummy apple and quince galette. It was my first galette experience and it was pretty tasty. I wasn’t sure what a quince was so I had to Google it when I got home and learned all kinds of things from Wikipedia. Internet, you are so amazing.

For a third dessert, Kathy made an apple pie. Look at that fancy lattice crust! I’m super impressed! Pie crust intimidates the heck out of me.

Autumn actually brought a fourth dessert, but it met an untimely end and crashed into the street on its way to the potluck. RIP poor pumpkin cheesecake.

All in all it was a super fun time filled with delicious food. It made me really thankful to live in a great place where I have a group of fun vegan friends (who make good food).