finally a sign of life…

Okay so this blog has been deadly silent for an embarrassing length of time. Life got turned upside down when I found out some bad news in November. Life has been pretty topsy turvy since then and there are some big decisions to be made in the coming weeks. But onward and upward. ‘m trying to stay positive. And what’s more positive than blogging about delicious vegan eats?

During the holiday season I made a trip up to Canada to see my parents. My parents live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, but the closest airport is in Winnipeg. Before dropping me off at the airport when I was flying back to California, my mom and I stopped at Boon Burger – an all vegan veggie burger cafe. I lived in Winnipeg for four years way back when I was an undergraduate student, and boy do I wish something like this had existed back then. Their menu is great and they have daily specials that change all of the time. It is kind of small and they have communal seating, which I really hate, but I love how busy it seems in there. Lots of Winnipegers are loving their vegan burgers!

I perused the menu for a good long while and finally settled on the “bacun cheese burger” – a grilled patty, mayo, dijon, Daiya, smokey bacun (which definitely seemed to be tofu-based), pickled, red onion, tomato, and lettuce. The patty itself was made out of mushrooms, brown rice, tofu, and oats. Wow. Words cannot describe this. It was hands down the best burger I have EVER tasted. I’d love to recreate the patty here at home, since flying all the way to Winnipeg whenever a craving strikes seems a little extreme (and expensive).

My mom had the Oslo burger – same patty as my burger, mayo, a caper remoulade, cranberry sauce, pickles, fresh beets, red onion, gravy, and dill. I wasn’t sure about that combo of ingredients, but I had a taste and it was really good too! I think it’s hard to go wrong at this restaurant.

On the side we split an order of poutine. This poutine is pretty non-traditional – it comes with green onion, Daiya cheddar, and gravy – but it was still delicious! Their fries are made with sesame oil and they were super crispy and fantastic. I do wish the Daiya had been more melty – I’m thinking they just throw it on and then top with gravy. A little zap in the microwave or a little time under a broiler would help with the melting. But that’s a pretty small gripe, overall my experience was fantastic and it was such a great end to my trip.


2 thoughts on “finally a sign of life…

  1. Mo says:

    Whoa. That burger looks legit!

  2. Sounds like a really cool place, your burger looks fantastic!

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