a very late new years recap

Better late than never, right?

Typically we stay in on New Years. Sadly, staying up until midnight is usually a pretty big challenge for me.

This year we decided to have a pizza night. Using the thin crust pizza from Vegan with a Vengeance (I made mine with all WW flour, and added in some flax seed to make me feel like I was eating something healthy), we got out the pizza stone and went to work.

I usually put waaaay too many toppings on my thin crust pizza, resulting in a mess that typically requires a fork. This time I said no way, and opted to keep it simple with a pizza margherita – just tomato sauce (VWAV again), Daiya mozzarella, some sliced cherry tomatoes, and fresh basil. Keeping the toppings so sparring really let me appreciate the flavour of the crust and sauce – I was definitely a fan.

I’m a wuss when it comes to using the peel. I’m always afraid I won’t be able to get the pizza from the peel to my stone. Luckily that’s what husbands are for.

I’m not big on “New Years resolutions,” but I do believe in goal-setting. A lot of my life is uncertain right now, but here are some of my current goals I’d like to achieve in 2012:

1. Read 50 books (cookbooks don’t count!)

I used to be quite an avid reader, but that has been tapering off in recent years to the point where I’m averaging about one book a month (not including cookbooks). I’d like to bump this up to one a week if I can. Often I’m wasting my time doing something boring when I could be reading a book and actually expanding my mind instead of boring myself silly.

2. Make a comeback to running

I would love love LOVE to actually have a goal of running a marathon in 2012. Since my surgery in August I haven’t been able to run. I’m just now getting to the point where I can walking a few miles (in my stylin’ orthopedic shoes) without limping. My surgeon says I should be able to try out running at the end of January (that’s so close!) and see how it goes. Because of this, I am hesitant to actually set a goal of running a marathon this year, as I obviously don’t want to push my foot too far too fast and end up injuring myself. So I am purposely leaving this goal non-specific.

3. Make peace with my body and “dieting”

Like most women, I am always wanting to lose a few pounds. I’m not overweight, around a size 8, but of course for vanity’s sake who wouldn’t like to drop a jean size or two. Heavily motivated by Stop Chasing Skinny, I want to make 2012 the year I focus on eating right, being healthy, and accepting my body for what it is. As long as I’m healthy, I shouldn’t care what the scale says. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and it’s time I stop chasing an unrealistic ideal that I’ve been spoon fed. My emphasis in choosing foods and exercising should be on health, not losing weight.


Of course I set goals for myself throughout the year as well, but these are the three that I am currently working on as 2012 begins. What about you, do you set yearly goals?

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2 thoughts on “a very late new years recap

  1. I’m there with you on #3! For vanity’s sake I’d like to get back down the weight I was before I started grad school, but I’m trying to focus more on exercising regularly, eating more whole foods, and eating out less. The rest will come naturally, and if it doesn’t, at least I know I’m healthy and strong!

  2. The Snarky Chickpea says:

    I really love this post! First, it inspired me to look up the VWaV recipe since I’ve never used it before. Second, my goals are very similar to yours. I read about 2 booms a month, but the internet is leaching my reading time leaving me overstimulated and unable to focus on other things (like books). The spring of 2011 had me running like mad, but a job interfered (I’m on my feet all day long and exhausted when in get home), bit I want to start running again. And, lastly, I seriously LOVE Stop Chasing Skinny. It has inspired me to write a post and get working on simply eating better. I wish you nothing but success and happiness in meeting your goals!!

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