some things I’m digging right now

Sparkling blueberry juice from Trader Joe’s:

About a month ago I was standing in the checkout line at Trader Joe’s when I noticed a display of sparkling blueberry juice (those checkout displays are always so tempting!). I usually don’t buy things like this, but it was near New Years so I figured I would splurge (it’s $2.99 a bottle, so it’s hardly a splurge that’s going to break the bank).  One lazy weekend afternoon I was reading a book and I was craving a glass of wine. I thought I’d try this blueberry cider out instead and WOW I’m glad I did! I really dug it, as I was sure I would as I like most things blueberry-flavoured. It was sweet without being cloyingly so, as there is no added sugar. It’s not something I would buy on a regular basis (I’m a cheapskate) but it’s nice for a treat.

The return of gigantic salads:

Normally I like to eat a gigantic salad for lunch every day. They are super filling and I get tons of nutrients. I fell out of the habit when I had foot surgery in August and could no longer get to the farmer’s market or the grocery store. Starting in January I made a conscious effort to stock up on salad goodies when I go shopping each week and I feel so much better! I’m planning on writing a salad-centric post in the future, but I stick all kinds of things in my large lunch-time salads. Typically you will find greens, raw veggies, leftover roasted veggies, beans/tofu, nutritional yeast, and flax.

I use a LARGE bowl for these salads. Here is my salad bowl compared to my regular-sized bowls (which are actually quite large themselves):

Smoothies for breakfast:

Ironically, before I moved to California I would almost always start the day with a smoothie. I’ve just recently started making smoothies again. Sometimes I add extra greens, sometimes I don’t. This particular one had a banana, soy milk, some mixed frozen fruit (the kind you buy in a bag at the grocery store), flax, and strawberry protein powder. Yum!


What about you? What are some things you’re into right now?

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3 thoughts on “some things I’m digging right now

  1. bearrunner says:

    The food looks delicious! It is an expensive sport, triathlon, I think it will be good to find used or gently used stuff haha


  2. I love that you’re not afraid of the giant salad. I used the biggest bowl we have for my dinner salad tonight.

  3. As of yesterday I started drinking smoothies for breakfast again; I’ve been lacking in the greens department lately, I figure it’s the best way to make sure I eat some everyday. I have no problem whatsoever drinking them everyday in the Summer but I find it really difficult in the winter when I’d much rather be chowing down on a big bowl of warm oatmeal.
    That salad looks really freakin’ good!

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