Ethiopian Feast á là Papa Tofu

Like most normal folk, I’m gaga for Ethiopian food. I was super excited to buy Kittee’s zine, Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food, when it was released last year. As soon as it arrived in the mail I excitedly tore into it, making a note of all the recipes I wanted to try (which happened to be almost ALL of them).

Once I had my accident things like getting to the store to stock up on Ethiopian food-making supplies was a challenge, and so this adorable zine sat patiently on my cookbook shelf.

I FINALLY managed to stock my pantry with the goodies I was missing…berbere, teff flour, and urad dal. This called for an Ethiopian feast!

First up we have the ye’gelbo gomen (kale). My husband won’t touch anything green, so I had the whole pot to myself. No complaints here.


We also had the ye’takelt allecha (gingered vegetables). This made a LOT. I was eating the leftovers for 4 days. But that just means deliciousness for 4 days. I cooked this for a long time in a covered casserole dish and the veggies broke down and were super tender.

When I go out to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant, ye’miser w’et (lentils in a spicy gravy) is one of my favourite dishes to order. So of course I had to include that on our menu. Kittee offers up two versions in her zine, this is Version II. It was really good! Nice and spicy, just the way I like it.

We had some trouble with the injera “fake-outs” as Kittee calls them (her recipe is gluten-free), but that was our mistake, not her’s. I’m looking forward to trying them again…next time I’ll pay closer attention to the instructions!


7 thoughts on “Ethiopian Feast á là Papa Tofu

  1. Bethany says:

    Oh, yum. I love Ethiopian food! I really need to try making my own injera. It seems intimidating to me, but what the heck. Everything looks delicious!

  2. Kittee Berns says:

    everything looks so great!

  3. Mihl says:

    This looks really, really good! Especially the kale dish. I would have eaten that all by myself, too!

  4. Everything looks delicious! There’s something so comforting and satisfying about Ethiopian food. It has a variety of complex flavors, and you get to eat it with your hands. Good luck with the injera next time! I’ve had Kittee’s zine for a while. This post has reminded me that I need to get on it!

  5. Looks like a delicious feast!

  6. Vegan Joe says:

    I got a recipe from an Ethiopian fella’s wife at work, over the phone. She uses barley flour. At the time I was hoping to make mine gluten free, but have not given it a try yet. Maybe when I visit my Daughter and her Family in the CO Rockies. As altitude is everything when it comes to real Injera. I’m an Mesir Wat fan.
    Nice post.

  7. I love Ethiopian food, and you’ve just reminded me that’s it been way too long since I’ve had it. I really should try making it at home some time.

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