Tofu Cookery: Zucchini Frittata

I’m a big fan of the frittata recipes in Vegan Brunch. When I saw a recipe for a zucchini frittata in Tofu Cookery I was intrigued. I read the ingredients list and saw that the recipe called for a fair amount of flour. Yep, flour. Essentially you are making a tofu-flour dough that you then bake. I figured this would either be completely delicious or completely horrible.

Turns out the latter was correct. This recipe was definitely a miss for me. The frittata was gummy even though it was fully cooked. I kept the leftovers in the fridge and they quickly turned slimy…not pleasant. I hate wasting food, so I froze the leftovers and hopefully I’ll figure out something to do with them. Any ideas?

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6 thoughts on “Tofu Cookery: Zucchini Frittata

  1. Wow. I’m sorry that didn’t turn out for you. If you live somewhere near someone who composts, you could use it for that. I hate wasting food also, but sometimes, there’s nothing for it but to toss something out. I’d suggest leaving out the flour next time and just making a straight-up tofu frittata. Somehow, I just don’t see tofu and flour going together. Or you could try the recipe using gluten free flour (since gluten is what makes flour so gummy to start with). Just a thought.

    • Carrie says:

      Hi Patricia! I actually have made successful tofu-only frittatas before, but for MoFo my theme is to cook all month out of the book, Tofu Cookery, so I followed the recipe which contains flour. Great idea about the compost though, that might be all this poor thing is suited for. 🙂

  2. Ah boo, I hate recipe fails. Too bad this one didn’t work out. Could you crumble it up and make a scramble with it? Sorry, I don’t have much for ideas.

  3. Autumn says:

    Bummer!! This reminds me of the weird concoctions I used to make from my old 70s vegetarian cookbooks. Thank goodness frittatas have come a long way since Tofu Cookery!

  4. kittee says:

    scramble maybe? sad!

  5. Vegan Joe says:

    Green zucchini squash is the worst, Yellow crock necks or some patty pans please.

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