Tofu Cookery: Greek Salad

There are a LOT of tofu feta recipes out there on the interwebz. Sticking with my Tofu Cookery theme for MoFo, I decided to give Louise Hagler’s a try and whip up some Greek salad. It’s pretty standard…the tofu is marinated in a mixture of olive oil, different herbs, red wine vinegar, etc. I let my tofu marinate for a few days in order to get maximum flavour.

The result was so-so. It was certainly okay and very edible, but to be perfectly honest there are better tofu feta recipes out there. This one just tasted like marinated tofu. I’ve been meaning to try this one from Melomeals, I’m just lazy and haven’t bought agar powder yet.

What’s your favourite tofu feta recipe?

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2 thoughts on “Tofu Cookery: Greek Salad

  1. Autumn says:

    I had never heard of tofu feta till I was paging through World Vegan Feast. That’s the one I want to try first, but I’m a little worried it’s just going to taste like tofu cubes that have been marinated in vinegar. The Melomeals one looks good!

  2. I like some tofu fetas but nothing beats the almond feta from Veg Times, so good!

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