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Next Challenge: Running a Marathon for Cats!

Wow, this site has been dead lately. Rather than write a long explanation of what I’ve been up to since my last post I’m going to dive right in.

Lately a lot of my energy has been poured into training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, which I’ll be running to fund raise for Toronto Cat Rescue. I ran my first marathon in 2012 in San Francisco. I swore I would never do that again. While I enjoy running, I didn’t particularly enjoy marathon training and I thought that I would stick to half marathons for the foreseeable future. But here I am, doing it all over again. At least this time I have the thought of helping Toronto Cat Rescue to push me when I don’t particularly feel like training.


Last marathon I used Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 program. This time around I’m using Novice 2. The two programs are very similar, although Novice 2 has slightly higher mileage and some pace runs. I just finished Week 5 of the 18 week plan and things have been progressing pretty well, although I’m reaching the point in my training where I’m constantly hungry. Note to self: quit filling up on junk and incorporate more whole grains, healthy fats, and quality protein.

marathontrainingupdateOnly 2.5 more months to go – yikes!

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MoFo #10: Chili and cornbread

As my foot is healing more and more we are slowly trying to get the apartment looking civilized again. I hate housecleaning when I’m fully mobile…so my distaste for it has grown tenfold since being on crutches. I’m up to 50% weight baring on my foot (meaning I can walk around without crutches 50% of the time) and that makes me quite happy. However, for the past two months we’ve been living in a state of disarray. Things needed to be out where I could access them easily. I was bed ridden for a week right after surgery, so there were piles of books and papers everywhere in the bedroom. I could go on and on, but let’s just leave it at ‘my apartment is a mess.’

Sunday afternoon we dedicated to getting some semblance of order back in our home and making it look somewhat presentable. I had to take a few breaks, but we managed to get a decent start and it no longer looks like a home from an episode of ‘Hoarders.’ I knew I probably wouldn’t have energy to make dinner after spending the day cleaning, so I threw some chili in the slow cooker (and made some cornbread to go with it).

If I do say so myself,  I used to make some pretty kick ass chili. But lately my results have been not so good. I’ve lost my chili mojo. Part of this is that I never make chili the same way twice – I usually just throw in random ingredients from my freezer and pantry. This version was okay, but it certainly wasn’t the best I’ve made and it isn’t worth posting the recipe. In case you are curious, it had chickpeas, pinto beans, black beans, tomato paste, dried chipotles, roasted poblanos, onion, chili powder, a bit of habanero sauce, a wee bit of cocoa, and a tiny bit of agave. For cornbread, I always use this recipe from VegWeb. I like it because it isn’t very sweet, I’m not a fan of super sugary cornbread.

I went to change my camera lens and look who was trying to get a nibble of the cornbread!

But how can you stay mad at a face like this?

I can haz cornbread?

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